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Our Custom Speciality Work!

world record team repair

Double A Blown Gas Lakester World Record October 2007, 315.766 MPH
Kevin is a member of the crew and Carson Valley Transmission is a sponsor.

plymouth GTX transmission repair

1967 Plymouth GTX

1956 Ford truck automatic

1956 Ford

Dodge Charger Custom Car Transmission

1968 Dodge Charger

1936 plymouth coupe carson valley

1936 Plymouth Coupe

Buick Roadmaster Transmission problem

1949 Buick Roadmaster


With over 30 years experience we also provide expert mechanical service for any vehicle.

You can find us here!

"Automatic or Manual, we excel at servicing, repairing or replacing your domestic or foreign transmission."

We honor extended warranties!

A service here DOES NOT void your factory warranty -- despite what a Dealer Salesman might have told you. We also honor extended warranties.


We are one of the few independent transmission repair shops in the Carson Valley.

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